Many subdivisions have a mandatory homeowner’s association (HOA). The HOA is responsible for maintaining common area, such as private streets, playgrounds and sidewalks, There may also be restrictions that limit what you can do with your property. There may be restrictions prohibiting you from erecting an antenna or storing a boat that can be seen from a neighbor’s yard. Color schemes, fences and improvements may require HOA approval. These restrictions are a normal part of HOAs.

Virginia law requires the Seller furnish you with current documents explaining the association, its dues and regulations and noting any architectural control or maintenaince violations on the property.   Your offer is contingent on your acceptance of the HOA disclosure package.  If there is work the seller needs to do, you must  object and amend the contract to require the corrective action or you will have bought the property and assumed that obligation yourself.

It is possible for you to waive the protections of this Act by signing a separate document. You can ask for the documents but waive the right to cancel the contract if you don’t like what you see. Or, you can waive receipt of the package completely. We do not recommend you waive this important right!